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Ard Working Hands Massage

Let my hands, and now my feet, work hARD for you!

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About Me
As I'm sure you noticed on the Home page, my name is Kelly Ard. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, or LMT, and I am the driving force behind the hArd working hands and feet that my clients appreciate so much.
I am an independent massage therapist located inside the Fortier Allied Healthcare building in downtown Albany Oregon. I offer a variety of services, to see them all please go to the Services Offered page! I also offer travel chair massage for businesses and organizations in the Albany area.
I attended Lane Community College's Massage program which meets the State of Oregon's requirements of 500+ hours of actual classroom time. Classes included anatomy, physiology, pathology, kinesiology, and professional ethics, along with technique labs in Swedish massage, Deep tissue, spa therapies and trigger point therapy, among others. Since completing school I have given over 2,500 hours of massage.

I received my State massage license in July of 2005 after passing an extensive written exam and a thorough practical exam. I am also an ABMP Certified Massage Therapist. I'm a member in good standing with the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, the Oregon Massage Therapists Association, and the Mid-Valley Body Workers.

I continually exceed my required contuning education hours in my constant quest to always be learning more. I push myself on this because I want to have as many "tools" as possible to be able to help every client in every way I can. My training ranges from basic massage styles like Swedish and Deep Tissue, to more specialized styles like myofascial work, sports massage, trigger point therapy, reiki, reflexology, prenatal massage, hot stone massage and most recently Ashiatsu and Ashi-Thai. I can use aspects of any of these techniques within every massage giving me a large variety of "tools" that I can use to customize each massage to be as beneficial for each person as possible.

Oregon Board of Massage Therapists ~ State Massage License #12074

Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals ~ Certified Member #851624






Company history
Ard Working Hands Massage was born from my husband's great idea of doing a word play on the word hard with our last name, Ard.
Customer testimonials
Have you been a client? Message me with a testimonial on the Contact Me page and I will post it here for all to see!
~Wow! I have rarely felt so great. Kelly was sensitive, perceptive and knowledgable. You can really tell that she loves what she does and helping others. I would recomend Kelly to anyone, wether you are just wanting to relax or are seeking a little therapy work. If you are at all apprehensive about recieving a massage, visit Kelly Ard's Ard Working Hands and your worries will be put to rest.
~ Melinda B.
~Amazing! I went to Kelly after running a Triathlon and was super sore. She worked every area that I needed and I felt AMAZING once I left! I would recommend her to anyone!
~ Breanna S.
~Kelly has been taking care of my back problems for nearly three years now on a regular basis. She is so skilled and so professional at her work. I could not ge by without her.
~ Mary L.
~Kelly has been taking care of me for at least a few years now. She is definitely a pofessional in her field and takes her work seriously. It is very apparent she maintains the technical skill it requires to be a true "therapist" in her field. I would recommend her to anyone!
~ D.M.
~Kelly has always given some of the best massages I've ever had. I won't go to anyone else these days, I'm so thankful I found Kelly! If you haven't been to Kelly yet all I can say is "What are you waiting for!?"
~ Lilah C.
~The most thorough and perceptive massage I have ever received, Kelly's level of sensitivity amazed me! I got more pain relief from one session with Kelly than I have from any other therapist I've ever been to. Thank you Kelly for giving me the pain relief I have found nowhere else!!
~ Marilyn O.
Customer testimonials Cont.
~Very professional manner and attitude . . . Thorough, sensitive, and very effective with an expert, relaxing touch.
~ Randy J.
~Kelly gives the best massages! I always feel so relaxed when I leave! ~ Vivian K.
~I have had several massages from Kelly and she has helped SO much with my back pain! She's great!
~ Shannon S.
~I was given this massage as a birthday gift from my girlfriend and was sceptical of it at first, but then finally gave up and went. this was the most awesome gift, would not have ever done it for myself but will definitly return again this will be my treat to myself at least once a month. To all you men that are thinking its for girls only are missing out on a great treat. I have bad knees and back and Kelly worked wonders on my past injuries.
~ Greg B.
~Kelly is professional, thorough and skilled. She can explain what she is doing and why, if asked, in terms a person can easily understand. I highly recommend her for anyone who suffers from back/ shoulder pain because she knows what she is doing and takes pride in her work. ~ Janel B.
~What wonderful hands. Time and stress just slips away as she works her magic. Visiting Kelly is worth the time and money. I always come away feeling like a new person!
~ Pat W.
~I have been to Kelly 4 times now for the deep tissue foot massage. I feel so much better after she works her foot magic! I would recommend this type of massage to anyone who has never had it done! She is a blessing to your aching muscles. She is wonderful and I wouldn't go anywhere else. Thanks Kelly... 
~Kevin A.